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Green Olive at Red Hill


Our piece of paradise is 27 acres of red fertile soil that allows us to grow and produce premium quality food for our visitors to savor. You can visit the Green Olive at Red Hill Farm Shop and enjoy the surrounds while eating and drinking some of the finest food the Mornington Peninsula has to offer.

We grow olives, grapes, herbs and veggies, raise sheep and chooks and turn amazing produce from local farmers into a range of goodies you’ll love. Green Olive at Red Hill is a family business – we are; Greg and Sue O’Donoghue, our children Sam and Sophie, three Kelpies (Inca, Rasa & Indi), one Maremma (Pisa), 40 sheep, 60 chooks and Indian Runner Ducks!


We capture all our own water and store it in large above ground tanks. All irrigation for the farm comes from the large dam that collects water from the natural spring and general water runoff. All waste water is processed naturally in an aeration treatment plant and then irrigated onto the paddocks through subsurface irrigation.

All kitchen leftovers are fed to our chooks or composted with chook manure then returned to the garden. Our paper waste is shredded and composted. Where possible we reduce the need for glass and plastic containers, but if we do use them they are commercially recycled.

Almost all our cooking is done in our woodfire oven, with wood collected from fallen timber on the property or, if necessary, specially sourced plantation timber. Installed on the roof of the Farm Shop are photovoltaic panels to generate a large portion of our power.