What You're Missing in Your Skincare Routine

We love our whole range of natural body products, but there’s one product that we simply adore: our Olive Balm. We understand that it looks unassuming; it’s not a trendy colour, it doesn’t smell crazy and the packaging is simple, but once you’ve seen the effects of this bad boy, you’ll never go back! 

Our Olive Balm is a paragon of minimal, clean beauty. With only 8 ingredients, our nourishing salve is so versatile that we weren’t even able to list all of its uses in this post! Gone are the days of bathroom vanities overpopulated with pills and potions that only have one job - the Olive Balm can do it all. Using the goodness of Mother Nature, we’ve perfected the Olive Balm formula so that it is the best combination of beneficial ingredients that can help in healing a host of different skin ailments. Here are some of the ways previous customers have used our Olive Balm:


Face + Body


Dry/cracked skin

Apply Olive Balm to any areas of dry skin like your lips, elbows, hands, heels or anywhere else where your skin is particularly dry. You only need to use a pea-sized amount for small patches of dry skin or you can apply a little bit more and use it as a moisturiser for larger parts of your body.


Skin conditions

If you’re experiencing any dryness, inflammation or itchiness due to skin ailments such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis or rosacea, use a small amount of Olive Balm on the affected area to relieve those symptoms. Our Olive Balm is unscented and contains only natural ingredients so the skin is protected from ingredients that might further inflame skin that’s already irritated.


Scars, wounds + bites

The moisturising and skin-healing properties of our balm make it the perfect treatment for scars, wounds and insect bites. Apply as much Olive Balm as needed to cover the area once a day.


Skin priming

Olive Balm can be used as a primer under makeup to help keep the skin looking healthy 

and to prevent any damage that makeup can cause. 


Face mask

Apply Olive Balm to a clean face, keep on for 10-15 minutes and then wash off. This face mask is perfect for those with very dry, cracked or dull skin as it contains 5 oils that are known for their moisturising properties. It is also a balm rich in vitamins that can help brighten the skin and even skin tone. 


Tattoo balm

New tattoos need a lot of care and are prone to become extremely dry and itchy. Clean your tattoo and then apply a small amount of Olive Balm (less is more with tattoos) to your tattoo with clean hands once a day. This will help with the healing process. 


Woman using olive balm to nourish and moisturise lips
Hands being moisturised with Green Olive olive balm
Olive balm moisturising dry, cracked skin on elbows





Our Olive Balm works great as an eyelash growth serum as it contains ingredients such as olive oil and castor oil which are rich in antioxidants that promote hair growth. Put some Olive Balm on  your thumb and forefinger and gently rub your lashes between those fingers. You can also use an old mascara wand to dip in the Olive Balm and then comb through your lashes. 


Split ends

Before bed, massage a small amount of Olive Balm onto the tips of your hair to help moisturise your hair and keep it healthy. This will prevent split ends from forming. 



Massage Olive Balm into your scalp. The massaging motion helps to promote blood flow to the scalp and the ingredients in the olive balm will help feed your scalp healthy phytonutrients that are conducive to hair growth. 



Give your eyebrows some TLC by applying a grain-sized amount to each eyebrow before bed. You can use your fingers or an old mascara wand. You can also use it as a brow gel throughout the day, as it will tame any stray hairs and keep your brows looking sleek and in place.


Hands holding baby feet


Mum + Baby 


Nappy rashes

Our Olive Balm is a fantastic nappy rash cream that is safe for newborns. This natural unscented ingredients balm is kind on babies’ bums and will help ease any irritation or redness as a result of rubbing nappies. In fact, use of the Olive Balm is not limited to nappy rashes, apply a small amount to  any dry or irritated skin that kids and babies have. 



Breastfeeding mums have found application of our Olive Balm to be soothing to their sore, cracked nipples. Apply a small amount as needed.


Stretch marks

While some women love their pregnancy stretch marks, others find them to be a point of self consciousness. For those who would rather not have them, our Olive Balm can be a great way of reducing their appearance. Calendula oil and centella extract are great for healing damaged skin and the oils in the balm are basically an elixir of vitamins that heal skin imperfections.


Sound good? You can purchase our Olive Balm online here. Happy balming!