Australian Bush Food Garden

Australian Bush Food Garden

Our Australian Bush Food Garden contains a variety of species of edible plants that have been consumed by Indigenous Australians for centuries. Also known as bush tucker, these native plants were an important part of the Aboriginal diet, providing sustenance for generations of Indigenous Australians living off the land. Some well-known species of edible plants include lemon myrtle, finger lime and mountain pepper, but there are thousands of other species that boast a wide range of nutritional benefits and that are, quite frankly, delicious!

The colonisation of Australia by European settlers had a huge impact on the cultivation of native plants. Bushland was cleared to plant the settlers’ own crops and the overgrazing of livestock drove many native plant species to near extinction. In the last 50 years, however, there has been a renewed interest in the nutritional and culinary value of Australian bush food, which has led to the cultivation of native plants sold in markets, produced for gourmet restaurants, and even sold to grow in veggie gardens at home.

Interested in learning more about Australian bush foods? We are developing a range of products and experiences that will allow you to feel, smell and taste bush tucker. In the meantime, learn more about the different species of Australian flora that we’ve planted in our Australian Bush Food Garden:



Pigfacepigface - australian bush food gardenPhoto credit: Wikipedia
Muntriesmuntries - australian bush food gardenPhoto credit: Dengarden
Yam Daisyyam daisy- australian bush food gardenPhoto credit: Tucker Bush




Banner photo credit: Peppermint Ridge Farm