Davidson's Plum

Davidson's Plum

You can find Davidson's plum in our Australian Bush Food Garden at Green Olive at Red Hill.


Interesting Facts about Davidson's Plum

Davidson’s plum, also known as the Davidson, is a small, slender tree native to the subtropical rainforests of New South Wales. It produces fruit with deep dark purple skin, blood red flesh and a soft, juicy pulp. The pulp tastes very acidic but smells quite earthy. It is considered one of the most nutritional native Australian bush foods due to its antioxidant properties, high levels of potassium, vitamin E, zinc and calcium. Davidson’s plum can be used in a variety of ways including in jams, chutneys, sauces and in deserts like panna cotta.

Davidson’s plum is considered an endangered species as its seeds are infertile. While many trees produce seeds that, once spread by wind or animals, sprout to produce a new tree, Davidson’s plum can only be propagated by cutting a small part of the tree and replanting it or by dividing the roots. Cuttings and root division rarely occur in the wild so it’s important for us to propagate the trees ourselves to ensure we don’t lose this marvellous creation of nature!


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Davidsons plum flowersDavidson's plum flowers

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Davidson's plum fruit - australian bush food gardenThe fruit of Davidson's plum

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davidsons plum treeThe Davidson's plum tree

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