Finger Lime

Finger Lime

You can find mountain pepper in our Australian Bush Food Garden at Green Olive at Red Hill.


Interesting Facts about Finger Lime

Finger limes, also known as caviar limes, are thorny shrubs growing between 2-5 metres and native to Queensland and New South Wales. The shrub produces long, cylindrical fruit that contain juice vesicles that burst when chewed. The juice vesicles look similar to caviar, hence their alternate name “caviar limes”. At Green Olive at Red Hill, we grow three varieties of finger limes: “Colette”, “Emma” and “Green Crystal”. The Colette variety produces a fruit with black/brown skin and bright green vesicles. They are the most popular variety used in cooking due to the balance between acidity and sugars. The Colette finger lime has a wide range of uses including in sea food dishes and as garnishes for cocktails. The Emma variety produces a fruit with black or maroon red skin and clear or light pink vesicles with a mild citrus flavour. Emma has a regular and heavy fruit set with a dense canopy that resembles the Weeping Willow. The Green Crustal variety is the most commonly used commercial variety due to its regular fruit set and large fruit size. This variety produces a fruit with bright green to yellow skin and large, clear vesicles that are highly acidic, similar to an ordinary lime.


Interested in learning more about Australian bush foods? We are developing a range of products and experiences that will allow you to feel, smell and taste bush tucker. In the meantime, check out our other bush tucker plants to learn about some of the other native Australian flora that we’ve planted: Davidson's Plum, Mountain Pepper and Old Man Salt Bush.


finger limes - australian bush food gardenFinger limes

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emma finger limes on a cutting boardEmma finger limes

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finger lime plantFinger lime plant

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