One of the most recent additions to Green Olive at Red Hill is our hops paddock. Hops are the cones of the hop plant which are used in beer brewing. Hops have a range of different roles in making the perfect beer including bittering, stabilising and flavouring the beer. Different hop varieties impart different flavour profiles onto the beer, with some creating a more floral flavour and others a more earthy, piney flavour. The varieties we grow are Cascade, Chinook, Nugget, Victoria and Columbus. 


Interesting Facts about Hops and Beer Brewing

Hops are climbing plants and grow well up trellises made of strings or wire. The cones grow high up on the twining vines and are harvested towards the ender of summer. The brewing process involves drying the hops and then boiling them with the wort (the liquid made from malt) in the last 10-30 minutes of the boiling process. The mixture is then cooled down before yeast is added and left to ferment for one to two weeks.


Kelpie Brewing

We are growing hops for our up and coming beer label, Kelpie Brewing. After having mastered the techniques of wine making, we are excited to branch out into brewing and provide our visitors with delicious beer brewed right on site at Green Olive at Red Hill.


hops plants
hops plants for kelpie brewing