Kitchen Garden

Kitchen Garden

At Green Olive at Red Hill, we are committed to a farm-to-fork philosophy. We grow our own seasonal produce so that our visitors can enjoy delicious grazing plates knowing that they are nourishing their body with fresh, nutritious ingredients. As the farm changes with the seasons, our produce varies and allows us to explore new, fresh tastes and return to a traditional way of eating around the seasons. Our chefs pick herbs and vegetables daily, so we are always using the freshest ingredients from the farm.


Unique Ways We Use Our Season Produce

We also use produce form our Kitchen Garden to create a range of food products like Red Onion Marmalade, Capsicum Relish and Puttanesca Pasta Sauce. Recently, we harvested our lemons to create a delicious Vegan Lemon and Almond Curd and made a vinegar from our farm grown rhubarb. Our food products allow our visitors to take a little piece of the farm home with them or gift them to friends and family.


By growing fresh produce in our Kitchen Garden, visitors can see how we farm the good life.

Here are the types of vegetables we grow in each season:


seasonal farm produce at green olive at red hill