Midyim Berry

Midyim Berry

You can find midyim berry in our Australian Bush Food Garden at Green Olive at Red Hill.


Interesting Facts about Midyim Berry

Midyim berry (pronouned mid-jum), also known as midgen berry or silky myrtle, is a plant that grows berries that look like white, speckled blueberries. The plant is native to the coasts of New South Wales and Queensland where it grows in the understorey of woodlands, heathlands and rainforests. Part of the scientific name for midiim berry comes from the Latin word “dulcis” meaning “sweet”, as these berries have a lovely, sweet taste with slight hints of ginger and eucalyptus. They are crunchy berries containing around 3-9 edible seeds. Midyim berries are most often eaten raw and can be used as a sweet addition to savoury salads, tossed in with yoghurt, or in a variety of desserts and jams. The berries are a good source of iron and contain calcium and dietary fibre.


Planing Native Plants at Green Olive at Red Hill

The midyim berry attracts a variety of wildlife including bees, insects and birds, which come to pollinate the small, white flowers of this unique plant. This in turn attracts native animals who feed on the insects and creates a corridor for native wildlife, something we’re really passionate about at Green Olive at Red Hill.


Interested in learning more about Australian bush foods? We are developing a range of products and experiences that will allow you to feel, smell and taste bush tucker. In the meantime, check out our other bush tucker plants to learn about some of the other native Australian flora that we’ve planted: Pigface, Bunya Bunya and Mountain Pepper.


midyim berry plant - australian bush food gardenA midyim berry plant

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midyim berryA midyim berry

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midyim flowersMidyim flowers

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