New Experiences at Green Olive at Red Hill

New Experiences at Green Olive at Red Hill

We are excited to be collaborating with creativity facilitator Rox Martyn to create two exciting food and wine experiences at Green Olive at Red Hill, a Creative Drawing class and a Team Building workshop. The two new experiences are perfect for those wanting to explore their creative side and inspire conversation, ideas and connection.


About Rox Martyn

Rox Martyn is a creativity facilitator, author and artist who has dedicated her career to exploring how creativity helps generate ideas and enhance our personal and working lives. Rox has over twenty five years experience in the creative industry, with roles spanning across London, New York and Melbourne. She has worked with a huge array of business and has succeeded in creating a unique portfolio of artwork that is displayed throughout Melbourne. Rox reimagined the creative branding of Green Olive at Red Hill and created the design that is now an essential part of our business identity. Rox now focuses her energy on creative business consulting, with areas of expertise in creative leadership, creative learning, creative collaboration and creative talks. Her goal is to make creativity more accessible and teach businesses how they can unlock the powers of creativity to overcome challenges, develop new ways of thinking and do better together.  


Creative Drawing with Grazing Lunch and Wine

As adults, most of us view drawing as a hobby or craft; a gift that we either have or haven’t, or an unnecessary activity and play that we have no time for in our busy lives. This unfortunate way of thinking is depriving us from discovering our hidden creative power and potential in life. This 2 hour workshop will introduce you to the therapeutic powers of drawing. Through a collection of concepts and activities, thoughts and feelings will surface as you put pencil to paper to express them and begin your journey of creative self-discovery. It doesn’t matter if you can or can’t draw. This is not a drawing class. It’s a way of teaching you how to think and draw, without judgement, that enables you to express yourself as a form of creative release. After expressing your creativity in the workshop, you can enjoy a grazing style lunch with Estate wine.

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Team Building with Grazing Lunch and Wine

Our landscape has changed, and is still changing at a rapid pace. Returning to the ‘workplace’, whatever that looks like, presents us with new challenges. We cannot do 'business as usual' and expect different and better outcomes. Big visions and audacious goals are likely to become a distant blur if we fail to connect, collaborate and think creatively to get there. This isn't your typical team building workshop. There are no awkward activities involving catching people. If that's what you're after there are plenty of folk offering that. What we will do is explore a collection of creative concepts that spark conversation and inspire you and your team to become more connected, creative, engaged and effective. Following the workshop, feast on grazing style lunch with Estate wine. 

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Get your friends together for some creative drawing magic or reward your team with half a day spent connecting in nature. We are so excited about this partnership and the amazing value that Rox’s wealth of knowledge will add to these farm experiences. Email us for more information.

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Rox with her new book, Beyond our WorldRox with her new book, Beyond our World
Rox's farm artwork
Grazing style food and wine at Green Olive at Red HillGrazing style food and wine at the farm