Strawberry Guava

Strawberry Guava


Strawberry guava (Psidium cattleianum), known for its small, sweet, and tangy fruits.

This fruit-bearing plant, native to Brazil, is cherished for its vibrant red or yellow berries that combine the flavours of strawberry and traditional guava. The fruits are popular for fresh consumption and are also used in making jams, jellies, and beverages.

In Victoria's temperate climate, strawberry guava can be grown successfully, although it requires some care to thrive. The plant prefers well-drained soil and a sunny location, though it can tolerate partial shade. Gardeners appreciate its hardiness and relatively low maintenance needs once established. Whether enjoyed fresh from the tree or transformed into delicious preserves, strawberry guava brings a taste of the tropics to your kitchen.


Interesting facts about Strawberry Guava:


  • High Nutritional Value: Strawberry guava is a nutritional powerhouse, especially rich in vitamin C, which supports immune function and skin health.
  • Hardy and Resilient Plant: Strawberry guava is known for its hardiness and ability to thrive in a variety of soil types and conditions. Once established, the plant requires minimal care, making it a popular choice for home gardens in suitable climates.
  • Pollinator Friendly: Strawberry guava flowers are attractive to bees and other pollinators. The fragrant white flowers provide nectar and pollen, supporting the local ecosystem by encouraging pollination and benefiting other plant species.

Strawberry Guava flowering