You can find thyme in our Teadrop Herb Garden at Green Olive at Red Hill.


Interesting Facts about Thyme

Thyme is an aromatic herb belonging to the same family as mint and sage and related to oregano. While now, thyme is most often used for culinary purposes, it has a long history of being used for cultural purposes. It was used to embalm the dead by ancient Egyptians and as incense by the ancient Greeks. Thyme has been long thought of as a symbol for courage, so it has been used as gifts for warriors and even placed under there pillows of Europeans during the Middle Ages to stop nightmares.


Culinary Uses for Thyme

Nowadays, thyme is used in a variety of dishes including roasts, sauces and soups, as whole sprigs or by removing the leaves from the stem. At Green Olive at Red Hill, we grow a variety called Pizza Thyme, also known as Italian Thyme. This thyme is shorter and the plant spreads more as a ground cover. We use our thyme to flavour herbed lamb meatballs served with farm made tomato relish and lamb sausages served with farm made capsicum relish. While thyme is most often used in savoury dishes, this herb adds a delicious spiciness to some sweet breakfast recipes. Try adding thyme to:

  • Oat milk porridge
  • Poached quince
  • Apple purée

Photo credit: The Old Farmer's Almanac

dried thyme from the kitchen gardenDried thyme

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thyme flowersThyme flowers

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