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Our 27-acre farm is situated in the hinterland six kilometres from the bay and seven kilometres from the ocean. The soil of Red Hill is classified as Tertiary Basalt, meaning that it is made of solidified lava which is rich in magnesium and iron, making it extremely fertile. Red Hill soils are also quite deep and drain well which are the optimal conditions for growing vines as the roots often grow far down and good soil drainage is crucial in preventing root rot. Along with our volcanic soils, the bracing ocean breezes of the Peninsula create a nice cool climate in which maritime grapes like pinot noir thrive.

Removing the netting from Green Olive at Red Hill vineyardUncovering the vines so we can pick the grapes
Pinot Noir grapes for estate wine at Green Olive at Red HillPinot noir grapes
Pinot Noir bottle with pinot noir grapes at Green Olive at Red HillOur pinot noir

We predominately grow MV6, 115 and 777 pinot noir clones and a small amount of pinot grigio. Every year during March, when the grapes are nearly ready to be picked, we test the sugar content of the grapes every couple of days to ensure that our wine has the perfect level of sweetness. When they’re ready, we spend a day hand pruning and hand harvesting the grapes. We then load them into grape bins and take them straight to our winemaker friend in Musk in the cool of the evening. They are crushed that night to ensure we get a delicious wine for our visitors to enjoy every year. We planted our vineyard in 2008 and our winery is now producing wonderful wine for you to enjoy or share with friends as a thoughtful gift.

Here are some interesting facts about how much goes into creating a glass of delicious wine: