Wattle Seed

Wattle Seed

You can find wattle seed in our Australian Bush Food Garden at Green Olive at Red Hill.


Interesting Facts about Wattle Seed

The fringed wattle, also known as the Brisbane golden wattle, is a species of wattle that grows to 6-7 metres. The fringed wattle gets its name from the tiny hairs on the leaves of the plant. It also produces flowers of pale to bright yellow that have a lovely smell and seed pods. These seeds are edible and have been a food source for Aboriginal Australians for centuries. Wattle seeds can be eaten cooked or dried and then made into a flour for bush bread or seedcake. The flour made from wattle seeds can be eaten by diabetics because of its low glycemic index and is often added to ice-cream and chocolate due to its rich, nutty, chocolatey taste. Due to its high protein content, wattle seeds were an important part of the Aboriginal diet.


Modern Uses of Wattle Seed

More recently, varieties of wattle have been grown in Africa because they are extremely hardy, drought-resistant plants and are a great source of protein for African populations that don’t get enough rainfall to keep livestock alive. Wattle seeds also contain nutrients like potassium, calcium, iron and zinc.


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wattle seeds in a podWattle seeds in pod

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wattle flowers - australian bush food gardenWattle flowers

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wattle flowersWattle flowers

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