Why the Mornington Peninsula Produces the Best Pinot

Why the Mornington Peninsula Produces the Best Pinot
The Pinot Coast

A hotspot of pinot noir growth in Victoria, the Mornington Peninsula is often referred to as the Pinot Coast due to the large number of vineyards, cellar doors and farm gates growing and producing pinot noir in this wine region. And for good reason; The Mornington Peninsula is ideally situated for growing pinot noir, a notoriously temperamental grape variety that is picky about their climate and can easily succumb to rot and diseases. The bracing ocean breezes of the Peninsula create a nice cool climate in which this maritime grape thrives. According to Wine Australia, no vineyard is further than 7km from the sea, so the consistent winds mean that it’s rare for vineyards on the Peninsula to frost damage.

Growing the Perfect Pinot – It Starts with the Soil

The geology and soils of the Mornington Peninsula vary greatly. From the rolling low hills of Red Hill to the sandy dunes of Boneo, all provide distinct growing conditions for vines. Red Hill soil is classified as Tertiary Basalt, meaning that it is made of solidified lava which is rich in magnesium and iron, making it extremely fertile and the perfect soil for growing wine. The high iron content is what gives the soil that deep red colour from which Red Hill gets its name. Red Hill soils are also quite deep and drain well which are the optimal conditions for growing vines as the roots often grow far down and good soil drainage is crucial in preventing root rot.

Bringing the Peninsula to You

Just because you’re stuck at home, doesn’t mean you can’t revel in the joys of a great glass of pinot, so we thought we’d compile a definitive list of the best Peninsula pinot that can be delivered straight to your door!





Hand holding Green Olive at Red Hill wine glass

Did you know... we predominately grow MV6, 115 and 777 pinot noir clones, and a small amount of pinot grigio

1. Green Olive at Red Hill’s 2017 Pinot Noir

We know it may seem a little cocky… but of course we think ours is the best! Estate grown on our farm, our pinot noir is a medium-bodied red with notes of berries and cream. It’s sweet, smooth and perfect to enjoy with fish, duck or beetroot dishes. We are offering free delivery to your door on a pack of 12 wines to keep you going during isolation!


2. Principia’s 2017 Altior Pinot Noir

Located just over our back fence, Principia creates a lovely pinot with aromas of red fruit and spice plum and delicate notes of dried herbs and juniper berries. Shop Principia wines for 20% online!


3. Main Ridge Estate’s 2018 “The Acre” Pinot Noir

Main Ridge Estate describes this pinots flavour as “fresh raspberry jam, lavender and mint”, with a high acid and tannin content that is balanced by the fruity notes. Main Ridge Estate are the oldest vineyard in our area and are also just over our back fence!


4. Leo Estate’s 2017 Pinot Noir

Although you can’t enjoy the beautiful view over Western Port Bay, you can still delight in this fruity red with it’s lovely balance of fruit and tannins. You can purchase this pinot and all Pt. Leo Estate’s wines for 15% off at their cellar door and online.


5. Quealy’s Seventeen Rows 2017 Pinot Noir

This full-bodied red has a strong plum flavour and pairs well with beef and veal. Get free shipping on 6 bottles of Quealy wines to enjoy during isolation.


6. Stonier’s 2017 Lyncroft Pinot Noir

Stonier’s pinot is full of earthy spices, with hints of rosehip and lavender and a good balance of tannins. You can get free shipping on 6 or more bottles of Stonier wine.


You can purchase our pinot or any of our wines at the farm on the above days or have them delivered to your door by shopping online.


Stay safe and we hope to see you at the farm soon!