Honey Loofa

Honey Loofa
  • Natural 100% Natural and Hand-woven.
  • Made of roots of vetiver grass.
  • Contents are anti-bacterial and thus, protects our skin.
  • Our Honey Loofa is made from hand-woven vetiver grass whose natural fibres gently remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin feeling clean, exfoliated and incredibly soft.
  • Unscented
Nourishing Ingredients
  • 100% Natural and hand-woven vetiver grass

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Natural Loofa made from the roots of Vetiver grass to exfoliate and smooth the skin.

Hudson Rabinovitch I didn't know roots from vetiver grass could be used as a such a good washer, changed my life!!
Liam Moriarty Good loofa
Ebony Ling This honey loofa is everything. I use it everyday and skin feels so exfoliated and smooth
Grace Clayton most natural exfoliator i’ve ever owned
Noah Lamble I left mine on my shower floor for a week and it’s not the same...

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