Green Olive at Red Hill Cooking School

Green Olive at Red Hill offers a number of classes at our cooking school for people looking to grow their skills in the kitchen. From our gorgeous location overlooking the picturesque Mornington Peninsula, we offer a number of classes that enable you to explore your culinary prowess in a warm and supportive environment. Perfect as a gift for a friend or family member, or even for when you want to treat yourself, there’s no better time than now to buy a spot in one of the many classes our cooking school offers.

Cooking Classes on Offer

Tired of buying packet sheets of pasta from the supermarket when you make a lasagne, or like the idea of inviting friends around for wood oven pizzas that aren’t store bought? You’re in luck, as these are just two of the classes we offer at our cooking school. Come to Green Olive at Red Hill for:

  • Fresh pasta making class for one
  • Handmade sausage class for one
  • The Art of Woodfire Pizza class for one
  • Techniques of Butchery class for one
  • Meet the farmer / Meet the chef for two

Can’t decide which class to take or which would suit a loved one? A Green Olive at Red Hill cooking school gift voucher is a great alternative and can be redeemed when the recipient chooses the right class for them.

Experience Cooking Classes on the Picturesque Mornington Peninsula Today

There’s no more picturesque location for an outdoor cooking school on the Mornington Peninsula than Green Olive at Red hill. For more information on our cooking school classes, contact us today.