With a comprehensive selection of all-natural products designed to cleanse, hydrate, treat and relax the body, Green Olive also stocks a quality range of accessories to help you get the most out of our products. One of the most essential products for smooth, clear skin is a body exfoliator; this valuable skin care product is used primarily to get rid of dead skin cells from the body through exfoliation. It also cleanses the skin and improves the blood circulation in the user’s body. Green Olive stocks a range of quality body exfoliator products, including loofahs.

Products for a Brighter, Fresher You

Looking for a loofah that will gently scrub away the dead skin cells from your body? You’re sure to find the ideal body exfoliator product amongst our range of accessories. 100% hand woven and made from the roots of vetiver grass, our loofahs are sure to protect your skin and give you the fresh appearance you’ve been looking for.
Find this and other body exfoliator products and accessories online as well as in our Melbourne CBD store.