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Cedarwood Soap

Suffer from an itchy, flaky scalp that even the usual anti-dandruff shampoos can’t seem to cure? Don’t put up with it any longer than necessary; massage cedarwood soap from Green Olive at Red Hill into your scalp and experience the difference for yourself. When you opt for cedarwood soap, you’ll soon find out the many benefits this all-natural formulation can provide.

The Key Benefits of Cedarwood Soap

Cedarwood oil, the key ingredient of cedarwood soap, offers a multitude of wellness benefits. It promotes hair growth, cures fungal infections, minimises skin irritations, possesses anti-inflammatory properties, stimulates metabolism, and more. Our cedarwood soap products are formulated and manufactured locally using the finest local natural ingredients, so you can rest assured you’re using the very best.

Green Olive at Red Hill supplies cedarwood soap from various locations. Order online, visit us at our Mornington shop, or pop into our Melbourne CBD store on Collins Street.