Olive Oil Soap

Treat your skin to a new level of cleanliness and nourishment when you buy olive oil soap from Green Olive at Red Hill. Our natural handmade soap moisturises and cleanses your skin for the smoothest, cleanest, most nourished finish. Olive oil soap offers a wealth of benefits not just for the skin but also the hair, which can feel brittle and lifeless without a moisturising source. Rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins and fatty acids, natural olive oil soap is able to leave skin looking and feeling soft and supple. Discover the many benefits for yourself when you buy pure olive oil soap from Green Olive.

Natural Castile Soap

Also available for purchase is natural castile soap. Originally made from extra virgin olive oil, this exfoliating soap is now commonly made with vegetable oils, with the option of added essential oils and fragrances. Available in soap bar form, pure castile soap offers a multitude of uses, including face cleanser, foot bath and more. Now that you know where to buy castile soap, you won’t need to go anywhere else!

For the best natural olive oil soap and castile soap in Australia, discover the range available from Green Olive at Red Hill. Buy from our store on the Mornington Peninsula or from our new Melbourne CBD store on Collins Street.