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Peppermint Castile Soap

Looking for a natural soap product that soothes as well as cleans? One that relieves itchiness and inflammation from sensitive skin while serving its primary purpose of cleansing the skin? Discover the many benefits of peppermint soap from Green Olive at Red Hill and experience the difference that pure castile peppermint soap makes to your wellness and your appearance.

The Benefits of Peppermint Soap

The high menthol content in peppermint castile soap makes it an effective cooling agent with anaesthetic-like properties. As a result, the peppermint oil in soap can be used to relieve the tenderness of sunburnt or inflamed skin. Peppermint has also been known to display stimulant-like characteristics. The combination of peppermint oil and lemon juice with sparkling mineral water applied to the body as a wash product has been known to reenergise and reinvigorate the body, with pure castile peppermint soap and water displaying the same characteristics.

Discover for Yourself!

There’s no time better than the present to discover the many benefits of using peppermint soap for yourself. Order online from Green Olive at Red Hill or visit one of our stores either at our Mornington Peninsula premises or our new Melbourne CBD store on Collins Street.