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Lemon Verbena Lotion

With its sweet, lemony aroma and smooth texture, lemon verbena body lotion is widely used for a diverse range of applications, including providing relief from skin disorders such as acne, cysts and boils. Lemon verbena oil can also assist in the treatment of indigestion, stomach cramps and nausea, among many other conditions. It boasts a wealth of benefits, including the ability to boost immunity, reduce inflammation of the skin, alleviate various aches and pains, and ease digestion. Like cedarwood lotion, lemon verbena also possesses insect repelling characteristics. If you’d like to buy quality lemon verbena lotion made from the finest local ingredients, buy today from Green Olive at Red Hill.

Quality Products Made Locally

Whether you’re looking for a lemon body cream, a lemon verbena body wash or a verbena hand cream, you can trust the high-quality formulation of Green Olive lemon verbena products. You can buy from the Green Olive store on the Mornington Peninsula or from our new Melbourne CBD store.