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Rose Geranium Lotion

Nourish and hydrate your skin all over with Green Olive at Red Hill’s rose geranium body lotion. Made from the finest rose geranium essential oil, our lotion is the best moisturiser for dry skin whether it’s used on the hands, the face or elsewhere on the body. Rose geranium oil also has a sweet smell that could be described as rosy with a mint-like overtone.

Green Olive at Red Hill has created a line of rose geranium products from quality steam distilled essential oil, ensuring you receive all the health and wellness benefits that target the body, mind and soul.

The Benefits of Geranium Rose Essential Oil

The geranium rose oil used as the basis of our rose geranium body lotion products offers a wealth of health and wellness advantages that anyone can benefit from. As a body lotion, the antiseptic properties of rose geranium oil enable it to be used effectively as an aid to treat skin problems such as burns, wounds and ulcers. It can also help to clean oily skin and treat eczema, work as an effective insect repellent, and alleviate discomfort from shingles and bruises.

Discover the benefits of rose geranium lotion for yourself when you buy from Green Olive at Red Hill. Buy online or from either of our stores on the Mornington Peninsula or in the Melbourne CBD.