Natural Bath Products

There’s nothing better than a relaxing bath, particularly at the end of a long day. Take it to the next level with our range of natural bath products, created to give you the ultimate relaxation experience. Green Olive at Red Hill has designed a luxurious variety of natural bath salts in a range of different fragrances to suit your preferences. Dissolve a scoop of your favourite salt in the tub for a rejuvenating bath, or alternatively you can use them in your foot spa to soothe tired, aching feet after a stressful day. However you use them, you can take comfort knowing that our bath products are all natural.

Choose from a Great Selection

Green Olive at Red Hill has created a high-quality range of all natural bath salts in an exciting array of fragrances. Among them are lemon verbena bath salts, rose bath salts, and a relaxing peppermint oil foot soak. Each product offers its own relaxation and wellness benefits.

Our natural bath products are available to buy online or from our Green Olive store on Collins St, Melbourne. We’re also happy to deliver Australia wide. So whether you prefer lemon bath salts, favour a peppermint bath soak, or simply want to try one of our other products, browse our range and buy today!