Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil

Looking for the perfect dressing to add to your favourite salad for the upcoming summer BBQ season? How about an olive oil salad dressing? Easy to make and loaded with health benefits when used in moderation (olive oil is packed with anti-oxidants and can lower bad cholesterol), extra virgin olive oil can also do wonders for your hair and skin thanks to its moisturising properties. If you want to buy olive oil online, discover the locally produced products from Green Olive at Red Hill.

What is Cold Pressing?

The difference between standard extra virgin olive oil and cold pressed extra virgin olive oil is the process in which the oil is obtained. Traditional methods would see heat being applied to the olives to extract the oils, but this can damage the unique flavours and aromas that would otherwise give the oil its character.

The cold pressing process to create olive oil involves pressing the olives using a modern steel press that can’t be set to a temperature greater than 27 degrees Celsius. Cold pressing retains all flavours and aromas for a better final product. Green Olive at Red Hill is a fine producer of cold pressed extra virgin olive oil on the Mornington Peninsula.

Buy Olive Oil Online

If you’re wondering where to buy cold pressed olive oil and can’t make it either to our Mornington Peninsula shop or Collins Street store in the CBD, you can also buy olive oil online right here. Browse our range of products and place an order today!