Team Building with Grazing Lunch and Wine - Doing Better Together

With business creativity facilitator, author and artist Rox Martyn

Green Olive at Red Hill, winery and olive grove, is a whole farm experience. We grow olives, grapes, herbs and veggies, hops and bush food as well as raise sheep and chooks to create a range of food and wine you’ll love! The open spaces of the farm is the ideal place to connect as a team?

Sit down, admire the view of the vineyard, the kitchen garden and the ducks on the dam whilst enjoying your team building class followed by grazing style food and wine. It will certainly be Mornington Peninsula farm experience to remember.

The Class

Big visions and audacious goals are likely to remain a distant blur if we fail to connect, collaborate and think creatively to get there. 

Only when we make time to get to know each other, our individual and collective power and potential, can we work effectively together, go places and enjoy the process along the way.

This insightful and engaging 3 hour learning experience will spark conversation, ideas and action for doing better together: a more connected, collaborative and engaged team, thinking creatively and working effectively, to make change and progress happen. Throughout this workshop you will be guided by a collection of thought-provoking concepts and activities for doing better together including: 

  • An assessment of creative capacity and potential for learning and developing
  • Understanding roles, responsibilities and contributions
  • Building a creative process and way of working together
  • Mindsets for growing creatively as a team
  • Overcoming obstacles to collaborative effectiveness
  • Activities for working better together.

The Lunch

After the 3 hour masterclass, your team will be able to share a grazing style lunch including:

  • A glass of wine, beer or cider, for each person
  • A bottle of sparkling or still water
  • One grazing plate, of your choice, to share
  • A farm made dessert, of your choice, for each person
  • A farm roasted coffee or loose leaf tea, for each person
  • Please note that we cater for most dietary requirements so please advise our staff of any special requirements

Time:  Start time 9am sharp

Duration: 3 hour class followed by lunch

Price: $400 per person

Group: 10-15 people (minimum 10)