Things to Do in Red Hill and Mornington Peninsula

The Mornington Peninsula has long been regarded as one of the jewels of Victoria, with its beaches that stretch for miles and many tourist attractions that appeal to kids, adults and the whole family. Whether you like arts and culture, food and wine, marine activities, or you have something else planned to keep body and mind active and engaged, you’re sure to find the ideal choice among the many Mornington Peninsula attractions and activities available. But among the multitude of school holiday activities and countless other things to do around the Mornington Peninsula, be sure to explore Red Hill – home to the highly renowned Green Olive at Red Hill Garden.

Endless Possibilities Limited Only By Your Imagination

A popular destination for everything from weekend trips from Melbourne for young couples through to family weekend getaways and even school holiday programs, Mornington Peninsula and Red Hill offer a wealth of holiday activities for kids and adults alike.

Food and wine lovers will find plenty to enjoy with a multitude of wineries, restaurants, cafes and breweries open for the public to sample the finest local produce and wines, with options to appeal to all tastes and preferences. If you’re just looking for a weekend away on the Mornington Peninsula to relax and unwind, you can enjoy some luxurious ‘me’ time at the Red Hill Spa. And there are plenty of kids’ activities to keep them occupied; everything from strawberry picking at one of the local strawberry farms to horse riding along the beach. When it comes to what to do on the Mornington Peninsula, you’re limited only by your imagination. Explore the possibilities today!